Last month was a milestone for us as we celebrated Grace Clinic’s eighth anniversary. As we spent time both reflecting with gratitude and looking forward with anticipation, our conversations consistently landed in two places.

Looking back, we are thrilled that God has honored our desire to care for people by building a team of strong, gifted counselors. The skills and expertise each therapist brings to our team allows us to realize our mission: to glorify God by making professional counseling that thoroughly integrates psychology and theology available to those seeking emotional, spiritual, and relational health.

Our hope is that you can access us when you or someone you know has a counseling-related need. In fact, our vision is to participate in God’s redemptive work in the world by supporting highly skilled counselors in the practice of an integrated, relational model of Christian counseling. To that end, we currently have established offices in both Florida and Oregon. We have also begun offering counseling services by telephone and video conference to people who are unable to travel to one of our offices.

Our hope is this blog will keep you in the know about upcoming groups, classes, conferences, seminars, and retreats we’re offering. We’ll also let you know about speaking engagements our therapists have that you could access.

Along with information about our services, future posts will feature articles on various topics, such as intimacy, parenting, and managing stress. We’ll also include book reviews so you can have a trusted literary resource and we’ll feature posts from different counselors so you can know more about the people you meet with or want to access for their areas of expertise.

As you can tell, we’re thrilled with what God is doing through Grace Clinic.  Thank you for walking with us. We look forward to many more years together.

Take Care,

Monica Taffinder, Brad Young, and Becky Young
Executive Team, Grace Clinic Christian Counseling