Nurturing Hope and Healing

At Grace Clinic, our therapists create an environment where people can be themselves, knowing that the therapeutic process is built on trust, hope, and care. We walk alongside our clients in their emotional journeys, going beyond outward symptoms to the inward cause and inviting genuine change.

Grace Clinic views counseling as a healing relationship—one where we enter deeply into the lives of those in pain and crisis to bring them to a place where they can love God, love others, and love themselves. After all, most lasting wounds come through relationships. We believe lasting healing does as well.

Let Us Help You Take the Next Step

We appreciate the courage it takes to schedule your first counseling appointment. If you are ready to begin the healing process, we are here to come alongside of you. Please call Grace Clinic at 1-888-861-5043 to talk with an assessment counselor who can answer any questions and work with you to find the best counselor and resources to fit your needs.